Chapter 6


“Chapter 6: Noah,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 26–29

Noah praying

Many years passed. Most of the people on earth were wicked. But Noah and his three sons were righteous. They obeyed God’s commandments. Noah had the priesthood.

wicked people

God was very sad because the people were wicked.

Noah preaching

God told Noah to tell the people to repent. He would send a flood to the earth.

Noah building ark

Noah told the people to repent. He told them to believe in Jesus Christ. He told them to be baptized. Then the Holy Ghost would help them. The wicked people did not listen to Noah. They did not repent. They tried to kill Noah.


God said all the wicked people on earth would die in the flood. Most of the animals would die. But Noah and his family would not die.

Noah cutting trees

God told Noah to build a big ship. It was called an ark. Noah and his sons obeyed God. They built the ark. The ark had many rooms. It had a window and a door on the side.

animals going into ark

Noah and his sons put food in the ark. Two animals of every kind came to Noah. God told Noah to put them in the ark.

people drowning

Noah and his family went into the ark. Rain began to fall. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. The water covered the earth. The wicked people died in the flood.

Noah inside ark

Noah’s family was safe on the ark. God blessed them.

ark on dry land

At last the rain stopped. The water stayed on the earth for a long time. Then the water went down. The ark landed on a high mountain. The land became dry again.

animals exiting ark

Noah took his family and the animals out of the ark.

Noah gazing at rainbow

Noah thanked God for saving their lives. He built an altar. He burned sacrifices. God promised Noah he would never again send a flood to cover the earth. God put a rainbow in the sky. The rainbow helps people remember God’s promise to Noah.