Chapter 43

Daniel and the Lions’ Den

“Chapter 43: Daniel and the Lions’ Den,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 156–57

king’s servants angry

There was a new king of Babylon. His name was Darius. King Darius chose men to help him. Daniel was their leader. The other men did not like Daniel. They did not want him to be their leader.

servants with king

The men knew Daniel prayed to God. They went to the king. They asked him to make a new law. The king made the new law. It said people could not pray to God. People who did not obey the law would be put in a lions’ den. The lions would eat them.

Daniel praying

Daniel prayed to God three times a day. The wicked men saw Daniel praying. They told the king.

king thinking

The king knew Daniel must be put in the lions’ den. The king tried to think of a way to save him. But the law could not be changed. The king told his servants to put Daniel in the lions’ den. King Darius told Daniel God would save him.

king fasting

The king fasted all night. He could not sleep.

Daniel in lion’s den

In the morning the king went to the lions’ den. He called to Daniel. Daniel answered. The lions had not hurt him. He said God had shut the lions’ mouths.

king outside lion’s den

The king was very happy. Daniel was safe because God had helped him.