Chapter 33

The Prophet Elijah

“Chapter 33: The Prophet Elijah,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 128–31

King Ahab

Many years later Ahab became the king of the Kingdom of Israel. He and his people were wicked. They worshiped idols.

Elijah and Ahab

Elijah was a prophet of God. Elijah told Ahab and his people to repent. If they did not repent, God would send a famine. There would be no water. The people would have no food.


King Ahab had a wife named Jezebel. She did not believe in God. She killed the prophets of God. Jezebel wanted to kill Elijah.

Elijah being fed by crows

God told Elijah to hide from Jezebel. Elijah hid by a stream of water. He drank from the stream. God sent birds to bring food to Elijah.

Elijah by dried riverbed

Then the famine came. There was no water in the stream. Elijah had no water to drink or food to eat.

Elijah listening to God

God told Elijah to go to a city. He would meet a woman there. The woman would give him food and water.

Elijah and widow

Elijah met the woman. Her husband was dead. She lived with her son. Elijah asked her for some water and bread. She said she did not have any. She had only a little flour and oil to make bread for her son.

widow making bread

Elijah told her to make some bread for him first. He said God would give her more flour and oil. She would have food until the famine was over. The woman made bread for Elijah.

Elijah eating with widow

Elijah ate with the woman and her son. He stayed with the woman and her son for many days. God blessed them. There was always flour and oil to make bread.

widow crying

One day the woman’s son became very sick and died. His mother was sad.

Elijah praying

Elijah had the priesthood. He had the power of God. Elijah prayed. He asked God to let the boy live again.

Elijah carrying boy

God heard Elijah’s prayer. Then a miracle happened. The boy came back to life. Elijah took him to his mother. She knew Elijah was a prophet of God.