Chapter 30

King Solomon

“Chapter 30: King Solomon,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 119–21

King Solomon

Solomon became the king of Israel. He loved God.

Solomon praying

He asked God to help him be a good king. God was happy Solomon wanted to be righteous. God wanted to bless Solomon. God asked Solomon what blessing he would like. Solomon wanted to be wise. God was glad Solomon chose to be wise. He told Solomon to obey his commandments. Then Solomon would be wise.


Solomon became the wisest man on earth. People came from other lands to ask him questions. He gave them wise answers. Kings and queens came to see him. They brought him beautiful gifts.

two women with Solomon

The Israelites came to King Solomon when they needed help. One day two women came to him with a baby boy. The women said they lived in the same house. They each had a baby, but one of the babies died. Now both women wanted the baby that was alive. Each mother said he was her baby. They wanted King Solomon to tell them who could keep the baby.


Solomon wanted to find out which woman was the baby’s mother. He had a wise plan. He asked for a sword. He told a servant to cut the baby in half. He would give half of the baby to each woman. Solomon would not really let the baby be cut in half. He wanted to see what the women would do. He knew the baby’s mother would not let her son be hurt.

mother pleading

One mother told Solomon not to cut the baby in half. She did not want the baby to be hurt. She loved the baby. She said the other woman could have him. The other woman told Solomon to cut the baby in half.

Solomon giving real mother her baby

Then Solomon knew who should keep the baby. The real mother did not want the baby to be hurt. Solomon gave the baby to her. Soon all the Israelites heard what had happened. They knew God had made Solomon wise.