Chapter 29

King David

“Chapter 29: King David,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 115–18

David playing harp

King Saul saw David kill Goliath. He sent for David. Saul told David to come and live in his house. Saul made David a leader of his army.

David discussing battle plans

God blessed David. His army won many battles for King Saul. The people of Israel loved David.

Philistines and Israelites battling

The Israelites and the Philistines were fighting. King Saul and his sons were in the battle. Saul and three of his sons were killed.

David kneeling

David heard that King Saul was dead. David was sad. He fasted and prayed.

David writing

David became the king of Israel. David was a good king. He loved God and obeyed his commandments.

David seeing Bathsheba

One evening David saw a beautiful woman. Her name was Bathsheba. She was married to a man named Uriah.


Uriah was a soldier. He was fighting in the war. David wanted Uriah to die. Then David could marry Bathsheba. It was wicked for David to want Uriah’s wife.

Uriah dying

David sent Uriah to the front of the battle. He knew Uriah would be killed. Uriah was killed. It was wicked for David to have Uriah killed.

Bathsheba holding Solomon

David married Bathsheba. They had a son named Solomon.

Nathan chastizing David

God sent a prophet named Nathan to talk to David. Nathan told David God knew what David had done. God would punish David.

David praying

David knew he had been wicked. He was sorry for his sins. He made sacrifices. He prayed to God to forgive him.

David pondering

David suffered because of his sins. He prayed to God often. He tried to be righteous. He was a good king.

David and Solomon

David was king for a long time. He became old. He wanted his son Solomon to be the next king. David asked Nathan, the prophet, to anoint Solomon to be king. David told Solomon to obey God’s commandments.

David being buried

David died and was buried near Jerusalem.