Chapter 21

The Tabernacle

“Chapter 21: The Tabernacle,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 83–86


Jesus Christ talked to Moses on Mount Sinai. Jesus said the Israelites should build a tabernacle. A tabernacle is a place to learn about God. Jesus would come to the tabernacle.

vision of tabernacle

Jesus showed Moses what the tabernacle should look like. He told Moses how to build it. Jesus told Moses which men should build the tabernacle. Jesus blessed the men so they could do good work.

Israelites giving offerings

The Israelites obeyed Jesus. They gave gold and silver for the tabernacle. They gave animal skins for the roof. The women made beautiful cloth for the walls.

completed tabernacle

The Israelites built the tabernacle the way Jesus told them. The tabernacle was like a tent. It had a wall of curtains. There was a yard inside the wall. An altar for sacrifices was in the yard.

priest in tabernacle

A small building was in the yard. It was also like a tent. It had two rooms. A gold altar was in one room.

ark of the covenant

A beautiful, big box was in the other room. It was called the ark of the covenant. The stones with the commandments written on them were kept in the ark of the covenant.

Moses anointing Aaron

Moses was happy because the Israelites obeyed Jesus. Moses blessed the people. He blessed the tabernacle. He blessed Aaron and his sons and gave them the priesthood. Jesus chose other men to help them. Aaron and his sons burned sacrifices for the people. The other men helped take care of the tabernacle.


The tabernacle was a holy place like a temple. Jesus came there. The people went there to learn about God and to do his work. They made sacrifices there.

fire on tabernacle

Jesus put a cloud above the tabernacle in the day. He put a fire above the tabernacle at night. The fire and the cloud showed the Israelites that Jesus was there.

Israelites carrying tabernacle

When the cloud moved, the Israelites took down the tabernacle. They carried it with them in the wilderness. They followed the cloud.