Chapter 18

The Israelites in the Wilderness

“Chapter 18: The Israelites in the Wilderness,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 73–74

Israelites by river

Moses and the Israelites traveled for three days. They were thirsty. They came to some water. It tasted bad. They could not drink it.

Moses with tree

Jesus told Moses to put a tree in the water. The tree made the water taste good. The people drank and went on.

Israelites eating manna

They traveled many days in the wilderness. Their food was gone. They were hungry. They were angry at Moses. Jesus gave them something to eat. They called it manna. It tasted like bread and honey. The manna was on the ground each morning.

Israelite mother with manna

Jesus told them to pick up only as much manna as they needed each day. Some people did not obey. They picked up too much. They kept some for the next day. But the next morning the manna was full of worms. It smelled bad. They could not eat it.

Israelite boy eating manna

Jesus said they should not pick up manna on the Sabbath. They should pick up a lot of manna the day before. Then they would not have to work on the Sabbath. They could keep the Sabbath day holy. The manna stayed good on the Sabbath.

Israelites yelling at Moses

The Israelites traveled on in the wilderness. Again there was no water to drink. They were angry at Moses. Moses prayed.

Moses smiting rock

Jesus told Moses to hit a rock. Moses obeyed Jesus. He hit the rock, and water came out. It was a miracle. It showed the people God’s power. The Israelites drank the water and traveled on.