Chapter 11

Jacob and His Family

“Chapter 11: Jacob and His Family,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 45–49

Isaac speaking with Jacob

Isaac talked to Jacob. He said Jacob should not marry any of the girls from Canaan. Jacob should go to another land. There Jacob would find a girl to marry.

Jacob leaving Canaan

Jacob started on his way.

Jesus Christ

One night Jesus Christ came to him. Jesus said Jacob would have many children. Jacob’s family would have all of the land of Canaan. Canaan was the promised land.


Jacob promised to obey God. He promised to pay tithing.

Jacob and Rachel

One day Jacob stopped by a well. He saw many sheep. He met a girl named Rachel. He helped her give her sheep water.

Jacob and Rachel’s father

Jacob met Rachel’s father. His name was Laban. He was glad to see Jacob. Jacob said he wanted to marry Rachel. Laban said Jacob could marry Rachel. But Jacob must work for him.

Laban speaking to Jacob

Jacob worked for Laban for seven years. He worked very hard, but Laban gave him Leah for his wife. Leah was Rachel’s sister.

Rachel and Jacob

Laban let Jacob marry Rachel, too. But Jacob had to work for seven more years.

Laban and Jacob

Jacob had many children. He became rich. He had many animals.

Jacob traveling

Jacob worked for Laban for many years. Then Jesus told Jacob to go back to his own land. So he took his family and animals and left Laban’s house. They went to the promised land.

Jesus Christ blessing Jacob

On the way Jesus Christ came to Jacob. Jacob asked Jesus for a blessing. Jesus blessed Jacob. Jesus said Jacob would have a new name. His name would be Israel. Israel would have the priesthood.

Jacob bowing

On his way home Jacob met Esau. Jacob thought Esau still hated him. Jacob bowed down to Esau.

Esau and Jacob

But Esau did not hate Jacob anymore. He and Jacob hugged each other. They loved each other.

Jacob and Esau

Jacob and his family went on to Canaan. Esau and his family went to another place.

Jacob and his twelve sons

Jacob had 12 sons. They were called the 12 sons of Israel. Each son and his family were called a tribe. Israel’s family became the twelve tribes of Israel. They were called Israelites.