Chapter 1

Before the Old Testament

“Chapter 1: Before the Old Testament,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 6–8

people listening

God lives in heaven. He is our Heavenly Father. We lived in heaven with him. We lived with him a long time. He taught us many things.

people conversing

In heaven we did not have flesh-and-blood bodies. We had spirit bodies. Our spirit bodies looked like the flesh-and-blood bodies we have now. We were the spirit children of God.

Heavenly Father speaking to His spirit children

One day Heavenly Father talked to all his children. He said he would make an earth for us. He said we could go to earth. He said we must go to get flesh-and-blood bodies.

God said we would be tested on earth. We should obey his commandments. But God would not make us obey him. We could choose. We would come back to heaven and live with God if we obeyed him.

group of men

God chose some spirits to help him on earth. They were righteous. He knew they would obey his commandments. They would be prophets and leaders.

Jesus Christ

God said one of his sons would save the people on the earth. He would go to earth and die for all of us. God’s son, Jesus Christ, said he would go to earth and die for us. He would obey God.

Lucifer speaking

Then another son spoke. His name was Lucifer. He said he would go to earth. But he wanted God’s power. God chose Jesus Christ. Lucifer was angry.

Lucifer speaking

Lucifer talked to God’s children. He wanted us to obey him. He said he would make us be good. We could not choose. He would bring us all back to heaven.

spirits following Lucifer

Many spirits followed Lucifer. Lucifer and these spirits did not obey God.

God was very sad. He sent Lucifer and the spirits who followed Lucifer out of heaven. They could not have flesh-and-blood bodies. They could not go back to heaven. Lucifer would lead them. His name would be Satan or the devil.