Scripture Stories
Chapter 7: Witnesses See the Gold Plates: 1829–1830

“Chapter 7: Witnesses See the Gold Plates: 1829–1830,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories (2002), 31–33

“Chapter 7,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories, 31–33

Chapter 7

Witnesses See the Gold Plates


gold plates
Joseph and Oliver

Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery finished translating the Book of Mormon. Jesus wanted people to read the book. He also wanted them to know that Joseph had told the truth about the gold plates.

Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery, and David Whitmer

Jesus chose three other men to see the gold plates and be witnesses that they were real. These men were Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery, and David Whitmer.

angel with the gold plates

Joseph took the three witnesses into the woods, where they prayed. An angel came and showed them the gold plates. Jesus told the three witnesses to tell people what they had seen.

Joseph, Martin, Oliver and David

Joseph Smith was very happy. The three witnesses would tell people about the gold plates, and more people would believe that Joseph had told the truth.

eight witnesses

Jesus told Joseph to show the plates to eight more witnesses. The eight men held the gold plates in their hands and saw the writing on the plates.

witness writing letter

All the witnesses wrote about the gold plates. They said they had seen the plates, and they testified that the plates were real. The words of the witnesses are in the Book of Mormon.

Joseph giving Moroni gold plates

After Joseph Smith had translated the plates and the witnesses had seen them, Joseph did not need them any longer. The angel Moroni appeared, and Joseph gave the gold plates back to him.

printing the Book of Mormon

After Joseph finished translating the Book of Mormon, he took it to a printer. Joseph did not have money to pay the printer. Martin Harris had enough money, and in a revelation he was asked to share it to pay the printer.

wicked men

Satan did not want the Book of Mormon to be printed. He did not want people to read it. Wicked men tried to stop the printer.

man stealing pages of book

One man went to the printing shop on Sundays and stole some pages of the Book of Mormon. He printed the pages in a newspaper until other men made him stop stealing them.

printer with finished book

The people who tried to stop the printing did not succeed because those who are wicked cannot stop Jesus’ work. After many months, the printing of the Book of Mormon was completed.