Scripture Stories
Chapter 30: A Revelation about War: 25 December 1832

“Chapter 30: A Revelation about War: 25 December 1832,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories (2002), 117–18

“Chapter 30,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories, 117–18

Chapter 30

A Revelation about War

25 December 1832

winter home
Saints concerned

Many people were being baptized into the Church. The gospel made them happy, but they were worried about things that were happening in the world.

building collapsing

Earthquakes and wars were happening in many places.

people disagreeing

Sad things were also happening in the United States. Some people didn’t want to be part of the country. They wanted to have their own leaders.

Joseph receiving revelation

On Christmas Day 1832, Jesus gave Joseph Smith a revelation about war.

men fighting during Civil War

Jesus said the people in the United States would fight against each other in a war. This prophecy was fulfilled when the American Civil War started about 30 years later.


Jesus also revealed that there would be wars in all other parts of the world. Many people would die, and there would be terrible sadness. Jesus said the Saints should be faithful during these hard times.

Joseph Smith pondering

Joseph Smith was sad to know there would be so many wars. He knew that if people would obey God’s commandments, they wouldn’t fight and have war.