Scripture Stories
Chapter 1: Joseph Smith and His Family: 1805–1820

“Chapter 1: Joseph Smith and His Family: 1805–1820,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories (2002), 6–8

“Chapter 1,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories, 6–8

Chapter 1

Joseph Smith and His Family


young joseph kneeling
Joseph Smith as young boy

Joseph Smith was born on 23 December 1805. His family lived in the state of Vermont in the United States of America. Joseph Smith’s father was also named Joseph. His mother’s name was Lucy.

Joseph and his siblings

Joseph had five brothers and three sisters.

Joseph’s family working

Joseph’s mother and father were good people. They loved their children and worked hard to take care of them.

Joseph in bed

When Joseph was a little boy, he had a very bad sore on his leg. Doctors tried to make his leg better, but they couldn’t.

Hyrum sitting beside Joseph’s bed

Hyrum Smith was one of Joseph’s older brothers. He loved Joseph and was sad that Joseph’s leg hurt so much. He sat by Joseph’s bed and tried to help him feel better.

Lucy Mack Smith with Joseph

The doctors wanted to cut off Joseph’s leg, but his mother would not let them. So the doctors decided to cut out part of the bone. Joseph knew his leg would hurt when the doctors cut it, but he had faith that Heavenly Father would help him.

Joseph and his mother

The doctors asked Joseph to drink some wine so the pain would not be so bad. Joseph would not drink the wine. Joseph asked his mother to go outside because he didn’t want her to see the doctors cut into his leg.

doctors operating on Joseph’s leg

Joseph asked his father to hold him while the doctors cut into his leg. They cut out the bad parts of the bone. This hurt very much, but Joseph was brave. After many days, his leg was better.

log cabin

When Joseph was older, his family moved to the state of New York. They lived in a log house on a farm near Palmyra.

Lucy Mack Smith washing clothes

Joseph’s family was poor. They worked hard to pay for the farm. The boys helped their father plant crops and take care of the animals. The girls worked with their mother.

Joseph stick-pulling with brother

Joseph was a good boy. He was happy and liked to laugh and have fun.