Scripture Stories
Chapter 33: A Revelation about Jesus Christ: May 1833

“Chapter 33: A Revelation about Jesus Christ: May 1833,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories (2002), 126–27

“Chapter 33,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories, 126–27

Chapter 33

A Revelation about Jesus Christ

May 1833

winter home
Joseph receiving revelation

In one of the revelations to the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jesus told about Himself. He said people can see His face and know Him if they will obey His commandments and pray.

Jesus Christ

Jesus said He is the Light of the World. He shows us the right way to live.

Jesus creating the earth

Jesus lived with Heavenly Father before the earth was made. Jesus created the earth and all things that are on it.

young Jesus praying

Jesus was not like His Father in Heaven at first. He did not know all the things His Father knew, and He did not have all the power and glory His Father had. Jesus tried hard to be like His Father. Gradually He received the power and glory of His Father.

Joseph seeing Jesus in the heavens

Jesus said we should obey God’s commandments. As we obey, we can come to know all things. We can also become like God and receive the fulness of His blessings.

Joseph teaching his family

Jesus said Satan does not want people to know the truth and become like God. Jesus told Joseph to teach his family the truth.

Sidney Rigdon teaching his family

Jesus also told Frederick G. Williams and Sidney Rigdon to teach their families the truth and to obey the commandments. Then Satan could not have power over them.