Scripture Stories
Chapter 10: The First Miracle in the Church: April 1830

“Chapter 10: The First Miracle in the Church: April 1830,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories (2002), 43–44

“Chapter 10,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories, 43–44

Chapter 10

The First Miracle in the Church

April 1830

people attending church meeting

The next meeting of the Church was on Sunday, 11 April 1830. Besides members of the Church, many other people attended the meeting.

Oliver teaching the Gospel

Oliver Cowdery taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of the people believed Oliver and wanted to join the Church. They were baptized after the meeting.

Newel Knight

Satan did not want people to join the Church, so he tried to make some of them feel bad. One of these people was a man named Newel Knight.

Newel Knight asked to pray

Joseph asked Newel to pray at a meeting, and Newel said he would.

Newel Knight struggling to pray

But Satan did not want Newel to pray. When Newel went to the meeting, he said he was afraid to pray out loud.

Newel Knight trying to pray

The next morning, Newel Knight went into the woods so he could pray alone. Newel tried to pray, but again Satan did not want him to, and he could not talk. He became sick and afraid, and he went home.

Joseph blessing Newel

Newel’s wife was worried about him and asked Joseph Smith to help. Joseph used the priesthood to bless Newel and cast Satan out. After the blessing, Newel felt better. Later he was baptized.