Scripture Stories
Chapter 44: Tithing: July 1838

“Chapter 44: Tithing: July 1838,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories (2002), 165–66

“Chapter 44,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories, 165–66

Chapter 44


July 1838

couple in wagon
Joseph praying

The Lord had told Joseph Smith that members of the Church should pay tithing. While Joseph was in Far West, Missouri, he prayed to ask how much tithing the Saints should pay. The Lord revealed that the Saints should pay one-tenth of all they had for tithing.

members paying tithing

If they earned 10 pennies, they should give one penny for tithing. If they earned 100 pennies, they should give 10 pennies.

Saints paying tithing on crops

The Saints paid tithing in other ways too. They gave one-tenth of the crops they grew, such as grain and hay. They also gave one-tenth of their chickens and other animals. They also paid tithing on milk and vegetables.

missionaries at temple

Tithing is used to build and maintain temples, meetinghouses, and other Church buildings. Tithing is also used to help with missionary work. In addition, it is used to help pay for translating and publishing the scriptures and other Church materials.

women delivering goods

Tithing is used to help members of the Church. Tithing and other offerings are used to help buy food and clothes for needy people.

young girl paying tithing

The Lord expects each of us to pay a full tithing. We give our tithing to the bishop. He sends it to the main offices of the Church, where the prophet and other Church leaders prayerfully decide how it should be used.

family standing before temple

Heavenly Father gives wonderful blessings to Saints who pay tithing. Saints who do not pay tithing cannot have all these blessings. The Bible says that Saints who do not pay tithing are robbing God.