Scripture Stories
Chapter 19: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

“Chapter 19: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories (2002), 70–76

“Chapter 19,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories, 70–76

Chapter 19

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

people yelling at the Saints

Some people in Kirtland, Ohio, didn’t want to learn the gospel. Some even told lies about the Saints to try to stop others from learning about the gospel.

Doctrine and Covenants 45, section heading

Joseph sharing Book of Mormon

Jesus told Joseph Smith that He would come to earth again soon. Before He comes, everyone on earth must hear the gospel. The Saints should be good missionaries and work hard to share the gospel.

Jesus teaching his Apostles

When Jesus lived on earth, He told His Apostles what would happen before He came again.

signs of the last days

Jesus told His Apostles that the temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed. The Jewish people would be scattered to many nations, and many of them would be killed. There would be many wars. People wouldn’t love each other, and they would turn their hearts from God. There would be terrible sickness, disease, and earthquakes. The sun would be dark, the moon would be like blood, and stars would fall.

Joseph’s first vision

One important event in preparation for Jesus’ return to the earth is the restoration of His Church. Jesus said the restored gospel would be like a light in the darkness.

soldiers fighting in war

Many things that Jesus told about have already happened. Other things are beginning to happen, and others will happen in the future.

Jews returning to Jerusalem

When these things happen, righteous people will know Jesus is coming soon. They will want Him to come. Many Jews will go back to Jerusalem. They will hear the gospel.

Saints building New Zion

Righteous Saints will build the new city of Zion, where they will be safe. They will not fight with each other. They will be happy and sing songs of joy. People who are not righteous will not be able to go to Zion.

Jesus appearing in cloud

Jesus will come to earth in a bright cloud. Righteous people will see Him. All the righteous people who have died will be resurrected. They will meet Jesus in the cloud and come to earth with Him.

Jesus coming to Jerusalem

Jesus will come to Jerusalem. He will stand on a mountain there, and it will split in half. The heavens and earth will shake. Wicked people will be destroyed.

Jews crying at Jesus’ wounds

People in Jerusalem will see Jesus and ask, “What are those wounds in your hands and feet?” He will say: “I am Jesus who was crucified. I am the Son of God.” Then the people will cry because of their sins and feel sad because Jesus had been persecuted.

Jesus living with the Saints

Righteous people will be very happy to see Jesus. The whole earth will belong to them. Satan will not be able to tempt them. Their children will grow up without sin. Jesus will live with them for 1,000 years and will be their King.

missionaries teaching family

Jesus told Joseph Smith to send missionaries to tell everyone to repent and prepare for the Second Coming. Jesus said the Saints should also prepare. They should pray, fast, and teach each other the commandments.

family kneeling in prayer

Jesus promised the Saints that if they would be close to Him, He would be close to them. He said they should pray, and He promised that God would answer them.

family sharing food

The Saints should do everything they can to help Jesus. When people help Jesus, they become like Him. Then they will be ready for His Second Coming.