Scripture Stories
Chapter 42: Far West, Missouri: January–July 1838

“Chapter 42: Far West, Missouri: January–July 1838,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories (2002), 161–63

“Chapter 42,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories, 161–63

Chapter 42

Far West, Missouri

January–July 1838

couple in wagon
men trying to kill Joseph

Joseph Smith left Kirtland, Ohio, because some people there were trying to kill him. It was winter and very cold. Joseph’s enemies followed him, carrying knives and guns.

Joseph hiding

Joseph had to hide. The Lord protected him so his enemies could not find him. One night he even stayed in the same house as his enemies, who did not know he was there.

Joseph walking by his enemies

Another time Joseph’s enemies did not recognize him when they passed him on the street.

Missouri Saints welcoming Joseph

Joseph traveled nearly 1,000 miles to Far West, Missouri. The Saints in Missouri were building this town after being forced to leave other parts of the state. They were happy to see the Prophet.

Church members breaking into store

Some Church leaders in Missouri were not obeying the commandments. Some of them tried to get too much money. Sometimes they were angry with each other and disagreed about how to lead the Saints. Some of them were even angry at Joseph Smith.

Joseph saddened

Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, and other people were excommunicated. This means their membership in the Church was taken away. Joseph was sad because these men had been his friends.

Joseph choosing new leaders

Other men were chosen to lead the Church in Far West. Soon the Church began to prosper again in the area.

Jesus appearing to Joseph

In May 1838, the Prophet and his friends were looking for other places for the Saints to build towns. One day they came to a special place, which Jesus said was named Adam-ondi-Ahman. Jesus had talked with Adam there. Adam had brought his family together there and blessed them before he died. Someday Jesus and Adam and other righteous people will meet there again.