Scripture Stories
Chapter 50: The Saints in Nauvoo: January–July 1841

“Chapter 50: The Saints in Nauvoo: January–July 1841,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories (2002), 183–84

“Chapter 50,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories, 183–84

Chapter 50

The Saints in Nauvoo

January–July 1841

Nauvoo Temple
Joseph praying

The Saints were building Nauvoo into a beautiful city. The city grew quickly as new members of the Church gathered there from England and other areas. Jesus gave Joseph Smith an important revelation about what the Saints should do in Nauvoo.

Saints building temple in Nauvoo

Jesus told Joseph Smith to write a letter telling all the kings and leaders in the world about the restored gospel. Jesus also said the Saints should build a temple in Nauvoo. He wanted them to bring gold, silver, other metals, and many kinds of beautiful wood to build the temple.

Jesus Christ

Jesus said He would come to the temple. There He would give revelations about the priesthood. He would also restore ordinances and reveal more knowledge.

members performing baptisms for the dead

Jesus told Joseph that the Saints could be baptized for people who had died. Jesus said the Saints should build a baptismal font in the temple where they could be baptized for the dead.

Hyrum performing patriarchal blessing

Jesus also revealed that Hyrum Smith, Joseph’s brother, should be the patriarch of the Church. As patriarch, Hyrum would give special blessings to Church members.

Brigham Young speaking

Jesus also gave Joseph Smith a revelation about Brigham Young. Jesus said He knew that Brigham had worked hard for the Church. He had left his home and family many times to serve missions.

Brigham caring for his family

Jesus told Brigham Young that he should stay with his family and take special care of them.