Scripture Stories
Chapter 29: A Revelation about the Priesthood: September 1832

“Chapter 29: A Revelation about the Priesthood: September 1832,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories (2002), 113–16

“Chapter 29,” Doctrine and Covenants Stories, 113–16

Chapter 29

A Revelation about the Priesthood

September 1832

missionaries leaving missions

Many men of the Church went on missions. When they came home, they went to see Joseph Smith in Kirtland.

Joseph welcoming missionaries home

The men told Joseph about their missions. They had baptized many people. They were happy about their missions, and Joseph was happy too.

Joseph speaking with priesthood bearers

All these missionaries had the priesthood. The priesthood is the power of God. The missionaries wanted to know more about the priesthood.

prophet Adam

Jesus gave Joseph a revelation about the priesthood. Jesus told him about some of the men who had the priesthood long ago. Adam, who was the first person to live on the earth, had the priesthood.

Melchizedek giving priesthood to Abraham

All the Old Testament prophets had the priesthood. Some of these prophets were Enoch, Noah, Moses, Melchizedek, and Abraham. Melchizedek gave the priesthood to Abraham.

priesthood bearers performing their duties

Jesus said that men must hold the priesthood to lead His Church. Men who hold the priesthood can baptize people and give them the gift of the Holy Ghost. They can bless the sacrament. They can give blessings to sick people. All these things help the Saints during their lives on earth and prepare them to live with Heavenly Father again.

Saints raising hands to sustain

Jesus told Joseph that men must be righteous to receive the priesthood. Those who receive it make a covenant, or promise, with God. They promise to be faithful and to use the priesthood to help other people. God promises that if they are faithful, they can become His special sons. One day He will share all He has with them.

missionaries preaching to the world

Jesus told Joseph Smith that more men should go on missions. They should preach the gospel to all the world. They should teach people to repent, and they should baptize them and give them the gift of the Holy Ghost.

angels helping missionaries

Jesus said missionaries will be blessed if they work hard. Angels will help them, and Heavenly Father will give them what they need.

Joseph speaking to priesthood bearers

The revelation ended. Joseph and the missionaries were happy to know more about the priesthood. They wanted to use the priesthood the right way.

priesthood bearer giving blessing

In a later revelation, Jesus told Joseph how men should use the priesthood. Men should never use the priesthood to be bossy or mean. God will give priesthood power only to men who are righteous.

priesthood bearers performing ordinance

Men should use the priesthood with love and kindness. Those who listen to the Holy Ghost will always have priesthood power.