Chapter 53: Moroni and His Teachings

    “Chapter 53: Moroni and His Teachings,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 154–55

    “Chapter 53,” Book of Mormon Stories, 154–55

    Chapter 53

    Moroni and His Teachings

    Moroni writing on plates

    After Mormon died, Moroni was alone. He finished the records his father had given him.

    Moroni seeing Joseph Smith

    Moroni knew the gold plates would one day be taken out of the ground.

    couple with Book of Mormon

    The words on the gold plates tell about Jesus Christ. They bear testimony and teach people how to live righteously.

    Lamanites capturing Nephites

    The wicked Lamanites killed every Nephite who would not deny Jesus Christ.

    Moroni hiding from Lamanites

    Moroni would never deny Jesus Christ. He moved around, hiding from the Lamanites.

    Moroni writing on gold plates

    Moroni wrote more on the gold plates, especially to the Lamanites of the latter days.

    young men blessing sacrament

    He wrote many important things, including the words of the sacrament prayers.

    man getting baptized

    Moroni wrote that the only people who can be baptized are those willing to repent of their sins and serve Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ

    Moroni wanted everyone to believe in Jesus Christ and come to know him. He said everything good comes from Christ.

    Moroni writing on plates

    Moroni wrote that if people love God and follow him, they can become perfect.


    Moroni knew that after he died he would be resurrected and would live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.