Scripture Stories
Chapter 13: Zeniff

“Chapter 13: Zeniff,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 36–37

“Chapter 13,” Book of Mormon Stories, 36–37

Chapter 13


Nephites walking

Zeniff and a group of Nephites left their homes in Zarahemla and traveled to the land of Nephi, where other Nephites had once lived.

Nephites talking to King Laman

They found Lamanites living there. Zeniff and four of his men went into the city to talk to the king. They asked King Laman if they could live in his land.

King Laman

King Laman said they could have two of his cities. The king wanted them to live in his land so he could make them his slaves.

Nephites planting

Zeniff’s people built homes and fixed the walls around their cities. They planted many kinds of grain and fruit. They also had flocks of animals.

Lamanites attacking Nephites

King Laman told his people that the Nephites were becoming too powerful. Soon many Lamanites went to attack the Nephites and steal their animals and crops.

Nephites running

The Nephites ran to the city of Nephi. There Zeniff armed the people with bows and arrows, swords, clubs, and slings. They went to fight the Lamanites.

Nephites praying

Before they fought, the Nephites prayed, asking God for help. God blessed the Nephites with extra strength, and they defeated the Lamanites.

guard with sheep

After the battle Zeniff put guards around the Nephite cities. He wanted to protect his people and their animals from the Lamanites.

women weaving

The Nephites lived in peace for many years. The men worked in the fields, and the women spun thread and made clothes.


King Laman died and his son became king. The new king sent his army to fight the Nephites.

Nephites watching Lamanites

The Nephites again received strength from the Lord. They killed many Lamanites, and the rest ran away.