Scripture Stories
Chapter 24: Ammon Meets King Lamoni’s Father

“Chapter 24: Ammon Meets King Lamoni’s Father,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 69–70

“Chapter 24,” Book of Mormon Stories, 69–70

Chapter 24

Ammon Meets King Lamoni’s Father

Lamoni talking with Ammon

King Lamoni wanted to take Ammon to meet his father. The Lord warned Ammon not to go because Lamoni’s father would try to kill him.

Ammon and Lamoni

The Lord told Ammon to go instead to the land of Middoni, where his brother Aaron was in prison. King Lamoni went with Ammon.

Ammon and Lamoni with Lamoni’s father

As they traveled they met King Lamoni’s father, who was king over all the land. He asked Lamoni where he was going with a lying Nephite.

Lamoni, Ammon, and Lamoni’s father

King Lamoni told his father about Ammon and his brother who was in prison. Angry, Lamoni’s father ordered Lamoni to kill Ammon and not go to Middoni.

Lamoni’s father trying to kill Lamoni

Lamoni refused to kill Ammon and said he and Ammon were going to free Aaron. Lamoni’s father became angrier and drew his sword to kill Lamoni.

Ammon wounding Lamoni’s father

Ammon stepped forward to protect Lamoni. Lamoni’s father then tried to kill Ammon, but he defended himself and wounded the arm of Lamoni’s father.

Ammon and Lamoni’s father

When Lamoni’s father saw that Ammon could kill him, he offered Ammon half of his kingdom if he would spare his life.

Ammon speaking to Lamoni’s father

Ammon said he wanted Aaron and his companions freed from prison and wanted Lamoni to be able to keep his kingdom.

Ammon fixing king’s wound

Lamoni’s father realized that Ammon did not want to hurt him. He was amazed at how much Ammon loved his son. He invited Ammon to teach him the gospel.

King Lamoni talking with king of Middoni

Ammon and King Lamoni went to Middoni. Lamoni spoke with the king there, and Aaron and his companions were released from prison.

Aaron and companions being released

Ammon was sad to see how poorly they had been treated. They had suffered much but had been patient.