Scripture Stories
Chapter 15: Alma Teaches and Baptizes

“Chapter 15: Alma Teaches and Baptizes,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 43–44

“Chaper 15,” Book of Mormon Stories, 43–44

Chapter 15

Alma Teaches and Baptizes

Alma writing

Alma escaped from King Noah’s servants and hid for many days. While he was hiding, he wrote down what the prophet Abinadi had taught.

Alma teaching others

Alma repented of his sins and went to the Nephites secretly, teaching them Abinadi’s message. Alma told the people to have faith in Jesus Christ and repent.


During the day Alma hid in a pocket of trees near a pool called the Waters of Mormon.

Alma baptizing others

Those who believed Alma’s teachings went to the Waters of Mormon and were baptized. Alma baptized 204 people into the Church of Christ.

Alma ordaining priests

Alma ordained priests to teach the people. He told the priests to teach repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. He also said they must not argue but be united.

men sharing

Alma’s people loved and served one another. They shared everything they had and were grateful to have learned about Jesus Christ, their Redeemer.

Noah’s servants spying on Alma

King Noah’s servants saw Alma teaching the people. The king said Alma was turning the Nephites against him, so he sent an army to kill them.

Alma and others fleeing

God warned Alma that King Noah’s army was coming. The people gathered their families, animals, and other belongings and fled into the wilderness.

King Noah’s soldier

God strengthened Alma’s people so they could escape from King Noah’s army. The army searched but never found them.

people planting

After traveling in the wilderness for eight days, Alma’s people came to a beautiful area that had pure water flowing through it. Here they planted crops and built buildings.

Alma talking with others

The people wanted Alma to be their king, but Alma said God did not want them to have a king. God wanted them to be free.