Chapter 46: Jesus Christ Teaches and Prays with the Nephites

    “Chapter 46: Jesus Christ Teaches and Prays with the Nephites,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 128–30

    “Chapter 46,” Book of Mormon Stories, 128–30

    Chapter 46

    Jesus Christ Teaches and Prays with the Nephites

    people walking at night

    The Nephites who saw Jesus Christ told their friends he would be back the next day. Many people worked very hard to get to where Jesus would be.

    people praying

    The next morning Nephi and the other disciples taught the group that had gathered. The disciples then prayed that they would receive the Holy Ghost.

    disciples being baptized

    Nephi went into the water and was baptized. Then he baptized the other disciples.

    angels coming from heaven

    After they were baptized, the disciples received the Holy Ghost. Fire seemed to surround them, and angels came down from heaven and ministered unto them.

    Jesus with angels

    While the angels were with the disciples, Jesus came and stood among them.

    Nephites praying

    Christ told all the Nephites to kneel on the ground. He told his disciples to pray.

    Jesus praying

    While they were praying, Jesus went a little way off from the people and knelt down and prayed to Heavenly Father.

    Jesus praying

    Jesus thanked Heavenly Father for giving the Holy Ghost to his disciples. Then he asked for the Holy Ghost to be given to anyone who believed the disciples’ words.

    Jesus blessing disciples

    Jesus blessed his disciples while they were praying. He smiled at them, and they became as white as his face and clothing.

    Jesus praying with disciples

    Jesus prayed again for his disciples. He was pleased with their great faith.

    Jesus talking to people

    Christ told the people to stop praying but to keep praying in their hearts. Then he gave them the sacrament.

    Jesus blessing bread

    No one had brought bread or wine, but the Savior provided it in a miraculous way.

    Joseph Smith holding scriptures

    Jesus Christ told the Nephites that his gospel would be brought back to the earth in the last days.

    Christ talking to Nephi

    He told them to study the scriptures, and he had Nephi write in the records the fulfillment of the rest of Samuel the Lamanite’s prophecies.

    Jesus teaching from scriptures

    Then Jesus taught the people from the scriptures. He told them to teach one another the things he had taught them.

    Nephi baptizing

    Jesus went back up to heaven, and his disciples taught the people. Those who believed were baptized and received the Holy Ghost.

    Nephites carrying pumpkins

    The Nephites began to obey all the commandments.