Chapter 27: Korihor

    “Chapter 27: Korihor,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 75–77

    “Chapter 27,” Book of Mormon Stories, 75–77

    Chapter 27


    Korihor walking

    A man named Korihor came to Zarahemla. He did not believe in Jesus Christ and preached that what the prophets had said about the Savior was not true.

    Korihor teaching people

    Korihor told the people they were foolish to believe that Jesus would come to the earth and suffer for their sins.

    boys sinning

    He said people could not be punished for their sins because there was no life after death. Many people believed Korihor. They became wicked.


    Korihor tried preaching to the people of Ammon, but they would not listen. They tied him up and took him to Ammon, who forced him out of the city.

    Korihor being sent away

    Korihor went to the land of Gideon, but the people there would not listen to him either. The chief judge sent him to Alma.

    Alma and Korihor

    Alma asked Korihor if he believed in God. Korihor said he did not. Alma testified that there is a God and that Christ would come.

    Korihor and Ammon

    Korihor wanted Alma to perform a miracle to prove there is a God. Korihor said he would believe in God if he saw a sign of God’s power.

    Alma holding scriptures

    Alma told Korihor he had already seen many signs of God’s power through the scriptures and the testimonies of all the prophets.

    Alma talking to Korihor

    Alma said the earth and everything on it and the movement of the planets in the sky are also signs that there is a God.

    Korihor and Alma

    Korihor still refused to believe. Alma was sad because of Korihor’s wickedness and warned him that his soul might be destroyed.

    Alma holding scriptures

    Korihor still wanted a sign to prove there is a God. Alma said the sign from God would be that Korihor would not be able to speak.


    After Alma said this, Korihor could not speak.

    Korihor writing in dirt

    Korihor wrote that he knew this sign was from God and that he had always known there is a God. He asked Alma to pray and remove the curse.

    Alma speaking

    Alma knew that if Korihor could speak he would lie again to the people. Alma said the Lord would decide if Korihor would speak again.

    Korihor begging for food

    The Lord did not give Korihor back his speech. Korihor went from house to house, begging for food.

    chief judge writing letter

    The chief judge sent a letter throughout the land telling what had happened to Korihor. He told those who had believed Korihor to repent. The people repented.

    Korihor dead on ground

    Korihor went to live with the Zoramites. One day while he was begging, he was trampled to death.