Chapter 20: Alma and Nehor

    “Chapter 20: Alma and Nehor,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 54–55

    “Chapter 20,” Book of Mormon Stories, 54–55

    Chapter 20

    Alma and Nehor

    Alma the Younger with others

    Before King Mosiah died, the Nephites chose judges to lead them. Alma the Younger became the first chief judge. He was also the leader of the Church.

    Nehor teaching lies

    A large, strong man named Nehor began teaching lies. He said everyone would be saved whether they were good or bad. Many people believed Nehor.

    Gideon and Nehor

    Nehor preached against God’s Church, but a righteous man named Gideon defended it. Nehor argued with Gideon, but Gideon spoke with the words of God.

    Nehor killing Gideon

    Nehor became angry and drew his sword and killed Gideon.

    Nehor being taken to Alma

    Nehor was taken to Alma to be judged. Nehor boldly defended himself.

    Alma and Nehor

    But Alma said Nehor was guilty because he had taught the people to be wicked and had killed Gideon.


    Alma said Nehor had to be punished for killing Gideon. According to the law, Nehor must die.

    Nehor being put to death

    Nehor was taken to a nearby hill and put to death. Before he died he said everything he had taught was wrong. But many people still believed Nehor’s evil teachings.

    people being ridiculed

    These people loved riches and would not obey God’s commandments. They made fun of the Church members and argued and fought with them.

    couple being mocked

    The righteous people continued to obey the commandments and did not complain even when Nehor’s followers hurt them.

    men sharing

    The Church members shared everything they had with the poor, and they cared for the sick. They obeyed the commandments, and God blessed them.