Chapter 52: The Destruction of the Jaredites

    “Chapter 52: The Destruction of the Jaredites,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 149–51

    “Chapter 52,” Book of Mormon Stories, 149–51

    Chapter 52

    The Destruction of the Jaredites

    Jaredite king

    The Jaredites grew in number and became rich. They chose a king to be their leader.

    wicked Jaredites

    Many years passed, and the Jaredites became wicked. The Lord sent prophets to tell them to repent or they would be destroyed.

    Jaredites running

    The people did not listen to the prophets. They tried to kill them.


    There were wars and famines in the land. Many Jaredites died.

    Ether preaching

    The Lord sent another prophet, named Ether. He preached from morning until evening, telling the Jaredites to believe in God and repent.

    Ether preaching to people

    Ether told the Jaredites that if they would believe in God, they would someday live with Heavenly Father in a better world.

    Jaredites forcing Ether to leave

    Ether told the Jaredites many important things, but they did not believe him. They made him leave the city.

    Ether hiding in cave

    Ether hid in a cave during the day so he would not be killed. At night he went out and saw what was happening to the Jaredites.

    Ether writing on plates

    He finished writing the history of the Jaredites while he was hiding.

    Ether talking with Coriantumr

    The Lord sent Ether to Coriantumr, who was a wicked Jaredite king. Ether told him to repent or he would live to see all his people killed.

    guards chasing Ether

    Coriantumr and his people did not repent. He tried to have Ether killed, but Ether ran and hid in the cave.

    man sleeping with sword

    The people were so wicked that the Lord cursed the land. They could not set their tools or swords down because by the next day the objects would be gone.


    All the Jaredites fought in the wars, including the women and children. Coriantumr led one army and a man named Shiz led the other.

    Coriantumr and Shiz fighting

    Coriantumr and Shiz were both wicked men. The Holy Ghost had left the Jaredites because of their wickedness. Satan had full power over them.


    The Jaredites fought until Coriantumr and Shiz were the only ones left. When Shiz fainted from losing so much blood, Coriantumr cut off his head.

    Coriantumr and people of Zarahemla

    Ether’s prophecy had come true: Coriantumr was the last Jaredite alive. He was found by the people of Zarahemla.

    Ether writing on plates

    Ether finished writing the history of the Jaredites. They had been destroyed because of their wickedness. The Jaredite records were later found by the Nephites.