Scripture Stories
Chapter 16: King Limhi and His People Escape

“Chapter 16: King Limhi and His People Escape,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 45–46

“Chapter 16,” Book of Mormon Stories, 45–46

Chapter 16

King Limhi and His People Escape

Lamanites watching people in field

The Lamanites captured many of the Nephites who had not escaped with King Noah. The Lamanites took them away and gave them land but made them pay heavy taxes.

King Limhi

The Nephites made Limhi their new king. Limhi was King Noah’s son, but he was not wicked like his father. He was a good man.

Lamanite whipping Nephites

King Limhi tried to make peace with the Lamanites, but they continued guarding the Nephites and being cruel to them.

Nephites being captured

One day King Limhi saw some strangers outside the city. He had them put in prison. The strangers were Nephites from Zarahemla.

Ammon talking to Limhi

Their leader was named Ammon. King Limhi was happy to see him. He knew that Ammon could help his people escape from the Lamanites.

King Limhi talking to people

King Limhi called his people together. He reminded them that their wickedness was the reason they were being held by the Lamanites.

Limhi talking

He told his people to repent, trust God, and obey the commandments. Then God would help them escape.

Lamanites talking

The Nephites learned that the Lamanites who guarded the city usually got drunk at night.

Nephites taking wine to guards

That night King Limhi sent extra wine to the guards as a present.

Limhi and his people escaping

King Limhi and his people were able to walk past the drunken guards and escape.

people being welcomed to Zerahemla

Ammon guided King Limhi and his people through the wilderness to Zarahemla, where they were welcomed.