Scripture Stories
Chapter 33: King-Men versus Freemen

“Chapter 33: King-Men versus Freemen,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 91–92

“Chapter 33,” Book of Mormon Stories, 91–92

Chapter 33

King-Men versus Freemen

Pahoran talking to others

Some Nephites wanted the chief judge, Pahoran, to change some of the laws.

people angry

When Pahoran refused, the people became angry and wanted to remove Pahoran as chief judge. They wanted to have a king, not judges.

two men talking

Called king-men, they hoped that one of them would become king and have power over the people.

group of men praying

The Nephites who wanted to keep Pahoran as chief judge were called freemen. They wanted to be free to live and worship as they chose.

men lining up to vote

The people voted between the freemen and the king-men. Most of them voted for the freemen.

Lamanite army

At the same time, Amalickiah was gathering a large army of Lamanites to attack the Nephites.


When the king-men heard that the Lamanites were coming, they were pleased and refused to help defend their country.

Moroni watching king-men

Captain Moroni was angry with the king-men for not fighting. He had worked hard to keep the Nephites free.

Moroni talking with governor

He asked the governor for the power to make the king-men either fight the Lamanites or be put to death.

governor talking with Moroni

When the governor, Pahoran, gave Moroni this power, Moroni led his army against the king-men.

Nephites and Lamanites battling

Many king-men were killed; some were put into prison. The rest agreed to help defend their country against the Lamanites.