Scripture Stories
Chapter 40: Samuel the Lamanite Tells about Jesus Christ

“Chapter 40: Samuel the Lamanite Tells about Jesus Christ,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 111–13

“Chapter 40,” Book of Mormon Stories, 111–13

Chapter 40

Samuel the Lamanite Tells about Jesus Christ

Lamanites walking

The Lamanites obeyed God’s commandments. They became more righteous than the Nephites.

Samuel preaching to Nephites

Samuel, a Lamanite prophet, went to Zarahemla to preach to the wicked Nephites. He told them to repent.

Samuel running from Nephite guards

The Nephites threw Samuel out of the city, and he started going back to his own land.

Samuel praying

But the Lord told Samuel to return to Zarahemla and tell the people the things that the Lord would put into his heart.

Samuel preaching from wall

The Nephites would not let Samuel back into the city, so he climbed to the top of the city wall and preached from there.

people listening to Samuel

He prophesied that the Nephites would be destroyed in 400 years unless the people repented and had faith in Jesus Christ.

Samuel talking

Samuel told the Nephites that Jesus Christ would be born in five years and that he would save all those who believed in him.

star above Bethlehem

Samuel told them about the signs of Jesus’ birth. A new star would appear, and the night before Jesus would be born it would not get dark.

men sitting in darkness

Then Samuel told them the signs of Jesus’ death. There would be three days of total darkness—the sun, moon, and stars would not shine.

lightning striking buildings

There would also be thunder and lightning and earthquakes. Mountains would crumble, and many cities would be destroyed.

Nephites talking to Nephi

Some Nephites believed Samuel and repented of their sins. They went to find Nephi, a righteous Nephite who could baptize them.

people shooting arrows at Samuel

The rest of the Nephites did not believe Samuel. They threw rocks and shot arrows at him. But the Lord protected him, and none of the rocks or arrows hit him.

Nephites shooting arrows

When the people saw he could not be hit, many more believed him and went to Nephi to be baptized.

Nephi baptizing man

Nephi also taught the people about Jesus. He wanted them to believe in Jesus, repent, and be baptized.

men climbing ladders

Most Nephites, however, did not believe Samuel. They tried to capture him.

Samuel jumping from wall

Samuel jumped down from the wall and ran to his own country.

Samuel teaching Lamanites

Samuel began teaching the Lamanites. He was never heard of again among the Nephites.