Scripture Stories
Chapter 17: Alma and His People Escape

“Chapter 17: Alma and His People Escape,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 47–48

“Chapter 17,” Book of Mormon Stories, 47–48

Chapter 17

Alma and His People Escape

people working in field

One day while Alma’s people were working in their fields, a Lamanite army crossed the border into their land.

Alma talking to people

The Nephites were frightened and ran to the city for safety. Alma told them to remember God and he would help them. The Nephites began to pray.

Alma talking to Lamanites

The Lord softened the hearts of the Lamanites, and they did not hurt the Nephites. The Lamanites had become lost while trying to find King Limhi’s people.

Alma showing Lamanites way home

The Lamanites promised Alma that they would not bother his people if he would tell them how to get back to their land. Alma showed them the way.

Lamanites guarding Alma’s people

But the Lamanites did not keep their promise. They put guards around the land, and Alma and his people were no longer free.

Amulon talking with Lamanite guard

The Lamanite king made Amulon the ruler over Alma’s people. Amulon had been a Nephite and a wicked priest of King Noah.

Amulon watching people work

Amulon made Alma’s people work very hard. They prayed for help, but Amulon said anyone caught praying would be killed. The people continued praying in their hearts.

boy carrying basket

God heard their prayers and strengthened the people so their work seemed easier. The people were cheerful and patient.

God talking to Alma

God was pleased that the people were faithful. He told Alma that he would help them escape from the Lamanites.

Alma’s people escaping

During the night the people gathered their food and animals. The next morning God kept the Lamanites asleep while Alma and his people left the city.

King Mosiah welcoming Alma

After traveling for 12 days, the people arrived at Zarahemla, where King Mosiah and his people welcomed them.