Matt and Mandy

    “Matt and Mandy,” Friend, July 2018

    Matt and Mandy

    matt reading an email to his mom

    Illustrations by Matt Sweeney

    Matt is busy making posters for Mandy’s student council campaign when …

    Hey, Matt, we just got an email for you from your cousin Max in Australia.

    Oh, lemme see!

    “… and I like soccer, but cricket is my favorite.”

    Matt pictures the insect and is puzzled.

    It’s a little like baseball, but also very different.

    “… and I love meat pies.”

    Not the kind of pie with ice cream on top, like you’re thinking.

    And he loves something called “Lamingtons.”

    It’s like we both speak English, but it’s not quite the same language.

    Hey! Max and Mindy got baptized last month. And —cool!—his family’s going to be sealed in the temple next week!

    That’s great!

    We might have some different sports and foods and words, but we share the really important stuff.