For Older Kids

    “For Older Kids,” Friend, July 2018

    For Older Kids

    activities and service challenges

    Illustrations by Mark Robison

    Dear Journal

    Write about a time you were surprised.

    Brain Teaser

    Sam’s mother has three children. The first is named April and the second is named May. What’s the name of the third child?

    See answer below.

    Secret Service

    • Secretly clean out your family’s car.

    • Offer to share something yummy from your lunch.

    • Bring ice pops, lemonade, or water to family or friends working outside.

    My great-aunt started an organization to help orphans. I wanted to help, so I worked really hard taking care of lambs and donated some money to help. I also sold tasty dried apples to people around my neighborhood. It was hard work, but I knew I had done well because I felt a warm feeling inside my heart.

    Gabe E., age 11, Utah, USA

    Quick Quiz

    Which of these groups did the Apostle Paul visit on his missionary journeys? (Hint: See page 1,439 of the New Testament.) See answer below.

    • Jaredites

    • Babylonians

    • Mulekites

    • Corinthians

    Draw It!

    Draw a cat from the number 6!

    Answers: Sam; Corinthians