Helper for a Day

    “Helper for a Day,” Friend, July 2018

    Helper for a Day

    The author lives in Utah, USA.

    cartooon story of a girl at school

    Illustration by Scott Peck

    Today is Elena’s turn to be the special helper at school!

    “Good morning, Special Helper!”

    The special helper gets to pick up Mrs. Glen’s blue folder from the office.

    Elena gets to choose a friend to go with her.

    “I pick Ruby!”

    She gets to be the first in line to go to the library.

    She even gets to show the class her favorite toy.

    “This is Puga. She’s named after a dog my dad had, growing up in Brazil!”

    It’s time to pick another friend to help take the blue folder back to the office.

    Who should I choose?

    Maggie? Josh? Emiko?

    No one ever picks Lucas. Maybe that would make him happy!

    “I pick Lucas!”

    Elena likes helping her teacher. And she likes helping her friends too.