Family History Is the Story of Me

    “Family History Is the Story of Me,” Friend, July 2018


    Family History Is the Story of Me



    My family is connected like the branches of a tree.

    The ones who came before us are a part of me.

    I want to know my ancestors through stories that I find

    And link the generations in my line.

    I’ll learn to use technology to trace my family line,

    Prepare them to receive their temple work divine.

    And as I work with others to explore my family tree,

    I feel connected to my history.

    I like to keep a journal where my story can be told

    And talk with living relatives as they grow old.

    I’m adding to the history about my family,

    So future generations will know me.

    My family history is the story of me

    And all the people who make my family tree.

    The blessings of the temple join us for eternity,

    So all my family is connected to me.