Stop and Flip

    “Stop and Flip,” Friend, July 2018

    Stop and Flip

    cartoon of girls dressed as pioneers, one holding stack of scriptures

    Shine Your Light!

    By inviting people to the Church to become members of the Church.

    Flavio F., age 11, Azores, Portugal

    Help the elderly. Help who needs help. Be nice to people. Be always alert.

    Lara B., age 7, Azores, Portugal

    I help collect the chicken eggs.

    Vance D., age 4, Virginia, USA

    The Last Laugh

    Lizzy! You were supposed to bring food for the trek! Now what will we eat?!

    But … the theme is “feast upon the word”!!

    Genevieve M., age 11, Utah, USA

    Hidden CTR Rings

    Did you find the rings? Look on pages FJ9, 29, and 26!

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