For Parents of Little Ones

    “For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, July 2018

    For Parents of Little Ones

    two brothers fighting over toy

    Illustration by Dan Burr

    “It’s mine!” Does that sentence sound familiar? It’s no secret that sharing is a difficult concept for little ones to learn. But the good news is that sharing is a skill children can learn with practice.

    Here are some ideas:

    • Sing a simple rhyme or song when your children need a sharing reminder, like, “Sharing our toys is fun to do!” or “I can share to show I care!”

    • Before friends come over, ask your child if he or she would like to pick a favorite toy to not share, like a prized stuffed animal or favorite truck. Put that toy away before the playdate.

    • Set a timer to help children take turns. Sometimes children think that letting someone else play with a toy means they’ll never get it back.

    • Make sharing a part of everyday life. Practice sharing with your child, even when it’s just the two of you, and point out when you’re sharing. Try, “Would you like to have some of my crackers? Look, we’re sharing! May I have a piece of your apple? Thank you for sharing with me!”