Arturo’s Family Prayer

    “Arturo’s Family Prayer,” Friend, July 2018

    Arturo’s Family Prayer

    rebus of Arturo and his family talking about prayer

    Illustrations by Alessia Girasole

    “It’s time for family prayer!” Dad calls. Arturo puts away his crayons. He kneels with his family. “What are some things you need help with?” Dad asks. “I’m scared to start school soon,” says Sophia. “I don’t feel very good,” says Mom with a sniffle. “I’m trying to be brave when my room is dark at night,Arturo says. “I will ask Heavenly Father to help you with all those things,” Dad says. Mom, Dad, Arturo, and Sophia bow their heads. Arturo is happy he can pray with his family.

    Talking to Heavenly Father

    When we pray, we are talking to Heavenly Father. How do we act during a prayer? Point to the right answer. Then practice the next time you pray!

    When we pray, what do we think about?

    When we pray, what do we do with our eyes?

    When we pray, what words do we use?

    When we pray, what do we do with our bodies?

    Can you think of a scripture story about prayer?