Allie’s New Class

    “Allie’s New Class,” Friend, July 2018

    Allie’s New Class

    The author lives in Florida, USA.

    a girl riding to school

    Illustrations by Elise Black

    Allie was so happy that she felt bouncy!

    She got in the car to ride home.

    “Today was great!” she told Mom. “We drew pictures. And I met a new teacher. Her name is Miss Gregg. Now I have two teachers!”

    Allie had been in kindergarten for three weeks. She loved everything. Activities. Projects. Lunchtime with friends. Her teacher, Mrs. Coleman. And now she had another teacher, Miss Gregg. It was perfect!

    “Wait,” Mom said. “You aren’t going to have two teachers. Just one. Miss Gregg is your new teacher. That’s why you went to her class today.”

    Allie frowned. “What?” Her bouncy feeling popped like a balloon.

    “Mrs. Coleman’s class was too big,” Mom said. “The school chose you for a new class.”

    Allie thought about her friends in Mrs. Coleman’s class. “I don’t think the class was too big.”

    “You’ll have fun in your new class,” Mom said.

    But Allie didn’t want a new class. She would miss Mrs. Coleman and her new friend Caitlin. This morning school was perfect. Now it was ruined.

    At bedtime Allie kneeled to pray.

    “Why don’t you ask Heavenly Father to help you in your new class?” Mom said.

    “Dear Heavenly Father,” Allie said, “please help me have fun at school.” She started to feel a little better. But she was still nervous.

    The next morning more worries filled her head. Will I like my new class? Will I see my friends? But new thoughts came too. I can be brave. Heavenly Father will help me.

    After school, Allie was happy.

    “How was your day?” Mom asked.

    “Great!” Allie said. She climbed into the car. “Miss Gregg is really nice. I saw Caitlin on the playground. And I got to make a goody bag!”

    “That does sound like a good day,” Mom said.

    Allie smiled. “Heavenly Father answered my prayer!”