Find a Family Pioneer

    “Find a Family Pioneer,” Friend, July 2018

    Family History Quest

    Find a Family Pioneer

    family history activity

    Illustrations by Bryan Beach

    All kinds of people can be pioneers—not just those who pulled a handcart or rode in a covered wagon. A pioneer is someone who does something new. Look through your family tree, ask your parents, and see how many family pioneers you can fill in below. Then add this page to your box or binder!

    Who was the first person to …

    Move to your country?

    • Person’s name: __________________________________

    • Where they lived before: _________________________

    • When they moved: ________________________________

    Join the Church?

    • Person’s name: _________________________________

    • Where they were baptized: ______________________

    • When they were baptized: _______________________

    Serve a mission?

    • Person’s name: _________________________________

    • Where they served: _____________________________

    • When they served: _________________________________________

    Graduate from high school or college?

    • Person’s name: __________________________________

    • Their school: ____________________________________

    • When they graduated: ___________________________

    Be a Family History Pioneer

    Now it’s your chance to be a pioneer! Add these stories on, and you can be a pioneer by helping write and save the story of your family.