A Forever Feeling

    “A Forever Feeling,” Friend, July 2018

    A Forever Feeling

    The author lives in Colorado, USA.

    “Whatsoever ye shall seal on earth shall be sealed in heaven” (Helaman 10:7).

    two girls on a game board

    Illustration by Bryan Beach

    “What does ‘Families Are Forever’ mean?” Mia asked. She moved her game piece across the board. She and her best friend, Zoey, were playing a game in Zoey’s living room. On the wall was a picture that said, “Families Are Forever.” Mia liked the sound of that.

    “It means that even after you die, you’re still a family,” Zoey explained. She put down a card and moved her game piece.

    Mia looked around the room. It looked normal. There were couches, tables, pillows, and a TV. But Zoey’s house felt a little different from her own. “Do you have a forever family?” Mia asked.

    Zoey looked up from the game with a smile. “Yes! My mom and dad were married in the temple. So we can be together forever.”

    “Is that why your house feels different?” Mia asked.

    Zoey looked confused. “Different?”

    Mia didn’t know how to explain the feeling in Zoey’s house. It was happy and warm. But that sounded silly to say. “Never mind,” she said. “Let’s keep playing.”

    That night Mia couldn’t stop thinking about Zoey’s forever family. She loved the feeling in Zoey’s house. Mia’s family was going to move to Ontario, Canada, in a few days. She wondered how their new house would feel.

    “Mom, Zoey’s house feels so happy,” Mia said as Mom tucked her into bed. “I want our new house to feel like that.” Mia thought about how much she loved Mom, Dad, and her little brothers. “I want our family to be forever.”

    Mom listened quietly. “I do too,” she said.

    The next day, Mom called Zoey’s mom. She found out that Zoey’s family went to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    “I want to go to that church,” Mia told her parents while they packed. Their house was almost empty now.

    “Zoey’s mom said she could help us find their church in Ontario,” Dad said as he taped up a box.

    Mia smiled and felt a flutter in her stomach. Maybe their new house could feel as warm and happy as Zoey’s!

    Once they were settled in their new house, Mia’s family started going to church. The people there were very nice. Everyone called each other “Brother” and “Sister.” Mia went to Primary with her little brothers. She liked singing songs and reading the scriptures.

    Soon two young women came to Mia’s house. Their names were Sister Justin and Sister Ramos, and they were missionaries. They told Mia’s family about Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Book of Mormon. Mia loved hearing about the gospel. Even her brothers sat quietly and listened!

    Mia told Sister Ramos and Sister Justin about Zoey’s house. “I want a forever family like Zoey’s.”

    “We’re all part of Heavenly Father’s family,” Sister Ramos said. “And we can be sealed to our families in the temple too.”

    Soon Mia’s family decided to be baptized.

    Zoey and her family drove all the way to Ontario for the baptisms. A year later, they came back again. This time it was because Mia and her family were being sealed in the temple!

    The day of the sealing, Mia stood outside the temple with her family, dressed in white. They were all smiling from ear to ear. Mia felt warm and peaceful inside. It was a feeling she had first felt at Zoey’s house, and she wanted to keep it with her forever.