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    Comfort of the Lord. (1) A Jew (either a Levite or of the tribe of Judah) who held the important office of “cupbearer” at the court of Artaxerxes, from whom he obtained a royal commission authorizing him to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. The book of Nehemiah (which is a continuation of Ezra, the two being regarded by the Jews as forming one book) contains an account of the progress and difficulties of the work and its final completion. The book divides into four parts: (a) 1:1–7:73, Nehemiah’s first visit to Jerusalem, and the rebuilding of the walls in spite of much opposition; (b) 8:1–10:39, religious and social reforms; (c) 11:1–13:3, lists of names, and account of the dedication of the wall; (d) 13:4–31, Nehemiah’s second visit after 12 years’ absence, and his further reforms.

    (2) Ezra 2:2 (Neh. 7:7).

    (3) Neh. 3:16.