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(1) Third king of Judah; the history of his reign is told in 1 Kgs. 15–16 and 2 Chr. 14–16. We are told his “heart was perfect all his days.” He raised the army to a state of efficiency, threw off the Egyptian yoke, and rebuilt the fortresses destroyed by Sheshonk. After this time there was no invasion from Egypt for more than 250 years. He made an alliance with Benhadad of Syria for the purpose of checking Baasha, king of Israel. By the advice of Azariah the prophet, he removed the high places, the Asherim, and sun-images; deposed the queen-mother Maachah and destroyed the idol she had made; and at a national assembly invited the people to make a covenant to seek Jehovah.

(2) 1 Chr. 9:16.