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A wheel or circle of stones. (1) The place near Jericho at which the Israelite camp was made on the first night after crossing the Jordan (Josh. 4:19; 5:10; 10). Here the 12 stones from the Jordan were set up as a monument to the parting of the Jordan River by the power of God. It was a sacred city in the time of Saul (1 Sam. 10:8; 11:14–15; 13:4, 15; 15:12–33); but later it was the scene of idolatrous worship (Hosea 4:15; 9:15; 12:11; Amos 4:4; 5:5).

(2) A place near Bethel, visited by Elijah and Elisha (Deut. 11:30; 2 Kgs. 2:1).

(3) Josh. 12:23.