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    Son of the right hand. (1) Son of Jacob and Rachel; his birth, Gen. 35:18; how brought to Egypt and treated by Joseph, Gen. 42–45; blessing of, by Jacob, 49:27; by Moses, Deut. 33:12; border and cities, Josh. 18:11–28; 21:4, 17; Judg. 1:21. The Benjamites were a warlike race and did great service in resisting the Philistine oppression. The tribe provided the first king in the person of Saul (1 Sam. 9:1–2). At the division of the kingdom Benjamin joined the northern tribes (1 Kgs. 12:21), but the nearness to Jerusalem seems to have caused Benjamin gradually to become part of the kingdom of Judah. The most distinguished Benjamite was the Apostle Paul (Rom. 11:1).

    (2) 1 Chr. 7:10.

    (3) Ezra 10:32; Neh. 3:23; 12:34.