Study Helps


(1) Son of Gershom, a Levite who hired himself as a house-priest to Micah the Ephraimite (Judg. 17:7–13). Through him idolatrous worship was established in Dan (Judg. 18).

(2) Son of Saul, and friend of David; frequently mentioned in 1 Sam. 13–23. His friendship for David, whom he might naturally have regarded as a rival, is one of the most unselfish incidents in Old Testament history. He was killed, along with Saul, on Mount Gilboa. David’s lamentation over them is among the most beautiful of Bible poems (2 Sam. 1). Jonathan’s body was rescued from Beth-shan by the men of Jabesh-gilead. He left one son, Merib-baal, afterwards called Mephibosheth.

(3) David’s nephew (2 Sam. 21:21; 1 Chr. 20:7; 27:32).

(4) Son of Abiathar (2 Sam. 15:27, 36; 17:17, 20).

(5) Five others (2 Sam. 23:32; 1 Chr. 11:34; 27:25; Ezra 10:15; Jer. 37:15, 20).