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“The Primary is an organized program of religious instruction and activity in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for children from eighteen months of age until their twelfth birthdays. Its purpose is to teach children the gospel of Jesus Christ and help them learn to live it” (Encyclopedia of Mormonism [1992], 3:1146).

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General Resources

“Primary,” Handbook 2, 11

“Five Easy Ways to Teach Gospel Principles to Children,” Latter-day Saints Channel

Church Magazines

“Primary Is for Everyone,” Friend, March 2015

“Do You Want to Go to Primary with Me?” Ensign or Liahona, July 2008

“Primary Is Primary,” Friend, October 1996

“Dear Children: A Message from the Primary General Presidency,” Ensign or Liahona, September 1992

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“Primary a Path to Conversion, Leaders Teach in Auxiliary Training Meetings,” Church News


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Lesson Helps for Teaching Children,

“Primary,” Lesson Helps for Teaching Children

“Primary Music,”

“Teaching Children,”

“Teaching with Symbols,”