“Ministering,” Topics and Questions (2023)




Ministering is Christlike caring for others. It is motivated by our desire to follow the commandment to love our neighbor and includes serving people out of concern for their spiritual and temporal well-being.

The Savior set an example of ministering during His life. He “smiled at, talked with, walked with, listened to, made time for, encouraged, taught, fed, and forgave.”1 The Savior asks us to follow His example to “love one another; as I have loved you.”2

We naturally minister to our families, those we love, and others around us. In wards, we also receive assignments as ministering brothers or ministering sisters to care for ward members in an organized way.3 We ensure that all are cared for and no one is forgotten.

Working together, elders quorum and Relief Society presidencies oversee ministering efforts under the direction of the bishop. Generally, each adult sister has two ministering sisters assigned to care for her and each household has two ministering brothers assigned to care for the members of the household. Occasionally, married couples may be assigned as ministering companions to better meet members’ needs. Beginning in January of the year they turn 14, young men and young women may be assigned to serve as ministering companions to adults.

As ministering brothers or sisters, we participate in quarterly ministering interviews, where we talk with our leaders about our efforts and specific strengths and needs of the people to whom we minister.

Ministering efforts can take many forms. Where possible, ministering brothers and sisters visit members in their homes. Interactions can also take place at church or in the community. The methods used will vary, from service of any type to a visit, phone call, email, or text. Individuals are unique, and effective ministering is individualized and led by the Spirit. Through prayer and inspiration, we will be blessed to know how to minister as the Savior did.

When we minister, we represent Jesus Christ as we watch over, lift, and strengthen those around us.4 We also invite them to come unto Christ and progress along the covenant path. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland invited us to “labor side by side with the Lord of the vineyard, giving the God and Father of us all a helping hand with His staggering task of answering prayers, providing comfort, drying tears, and strengthening feeble knees.”5

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