Mormon Church

    Mormon Church


    A commonly used term to describe Christ’s restored church. However, the official name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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    “Are We Christians?”

    “Why Mormons Build Temples”

    “Temple Square”

    “What Mormons Believe”

    “Jesus Organizes the Church”

    “Unity of the Faith”

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    “‘Global Crossroads: Mormonism in Asia in the Twenty-First Century’ Conference Report,”

    “The Real Mapping of Mormonism,”

    “Meet the Mormons,” Latter-day Saints Channel

    “Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?”

    Church Magazines

    “Palmyra: Birthplace of the Restoration,” New Era, May 2005

    “Chapter and Verse,” New Era, March 2001

    “Anson Call: Man of Action,” Ensign, July 2001

    “My Guide to Jesus Christ,” Ensign, July 1997

    “True to the Book of Mormon—The Whitmers,” Ensign, February 1989

    “The ‘Mormon’ Connection,” New Era, November 1987

    “It Took Thirteen Years to Cross the Street,” Ensign, August 1986

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    “Mormon History Association Discusses Effects of Mormonism on Utah Art,” Church News

    “Episcopalians Participate in Interfaith Service Project at Welfare Square,” Church News

    “Mormonism 101: FAQ,” Newsroom

    “Permanent Things: Toward an Understanding of Mormons,” Newsroom

    “A Mormon Worldview,” Newsroom

    “The Religious Experience of Mormonism,” Newsroom

    “Academic Interest in Mormonism Rises,” Newsroom

    “Approaching Mormon History,” Newsroom

    “Approaching Mormon Doctrine,” Newsroom

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    “The Organization of the Church,” Past Impressions, episode 13

    “Michael Otterson—Public Affairs,” Conversations, episode 42

    “How to #ShareGoodness Authentically,” Latter-day Saints Channel Daily, episode 865