Home Evening

“Home Evening,” Topics and Questions (2023)

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Home Evening

Prophets have counseled parents to teach their children to love God and to keep His commandments. Home evening is a designated weekly time for individuals and families to study the gospel and spend time together.

Home evenings could include prayer, uplifting music, gospel instruction, service, sharing talents, and activities. They should also include family councils, where family members set goals, resolve problems, coordinate schedules, and give support to one another.

Regular personal and family scripture study can be complemented by weekly home evenings. Suggestions for family home evenings can be found in Come, Follow Me and Church magazines.

Single members and others can gather in groups outside the normal Church worship services to participate in home evenings and strengthen one another.

Home evenings can be held on Sundays, on Mondays, or at other times that best meet the needs of individuals and families. Church leaders should keep Monday evenings free from Church meetings and activities. All will be blessed for participating in home evenings. Relationships can be strengthened as family members spend time together.

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